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Hello, I am Massimiliano Dell'acqua, I am an Italian artist juggling with hats, I worked in Düsseldorf Apollo Variete I am available to work in gala, variety, show in ship, circus show and festival Best regards

4th generation circus performer. Multiple Guinness world record holder & award winning juggler in the best circus festivals all around the's not what you do it's how you do it...

Dance and Juggling

Life has many restrictions. A little courage to fly away from the hidden place, Will escape restrictions if there is it?I don't know if freedom is happy,but Something will be found there... A show involving the diabolo...

Juggling act, Bouncing Jongler.

An exciting ride through a post-apocalyptic universe, told through a mix a modern technique and original research.

a multi-award-winning British variety performer.

Bouncing juggler

Football juggler



2 jugglers are arriving late to their show. They start to assemble their scenography... organizing their elements, dressing and doing their makeup on stage, while they interact with children and adults. Their conflicts,...