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Acrobatic Duo of Father ans Son. The act was created in 2016. It combines equilibrium and acrobatic feats. This kind of acrobatics calls for incredible strength. This act stands out due to its easiness and suppleness....

Work of two twin brothers, extreme number with a set of difficult acrobatic and power tricks, original and effective according to the contents. Работа двух братьев близнецов,номер с множеством сложных акробатических и силовых...

Aerial Straps male duo

Duo twins.

the city of Odessa gives a standing ovation!

Aerial straps

Duo male straps act

Duo male straps act

aerial ring

Beautifull and graceful act. Gymnast performs the elements of contortions on aerial ring

Male trapeze duo

Male duo ( straps, acrobatic acts )