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Very dynamic and special aerial number on the net.

Impressive figures made in the air by the subtel and elegant lady

Грациозность , гибкость в одном номере

Изящный номер, опасныый ,красивый


aerial straps with bungee by Zagdsuren

Aerial act made and choreographed by Eugen Sobal Music and tricks can be easy changed due to show,perfomance or event.

Aerial straps and Ladder acrobat

A sister who is asked to celebrate a Holy Mass. In a panic she begins the ceremony, but then, suddenly, something changes inside her. And the mass is transformed into a real artistic act! An act of God! A Mass ... on...

Aeriel Straps with Roller Skates

You can see something. You can feel something. A blended performance is a way which what I started to see before and then to feel what I can't see with a band on my eyes. A technical number, with a deep and engaging...

Combining the strength of aerial straps with the softness and danger of a black widow...