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Dynamic act where performes is spinning on a big and heavy wheel

Description number

An epic adventure that completely destroys the concepts of thinking "inside/outside the box" and brings us to a new understanding that there is no box. and never was. A unique act that that combines physical and...

I am acrobat, been work for cirque du soleil and other companys around the world

Energetic solo jump rope number from Hungary.

Super Fun People

Solo on a freestanding pole. No wires. No overweight fees in the plane. Forthy-one year old Quebec native Dominic Lacasse began his current acrobatic career after seven years of gymnastics and 14 years of circus...

sexy strong pole act

straps act-event/show version. There is possibility to perform it static.

cube juggling  is combination of juggling with choreography and good strong music.

solo cyr wheel act.