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Amazing dance in the air to the music from Game of Thrones. The performers are spinning on straps and doing beautiful figures.

Красивый номер, две девушки

"i surrender" silk duo 

Aerial Straps Act . 2016

We are able to play in small places, low ceiling (till 18 feet, stage 12 x 12 feet). No need of motor.

Duo Aerial Rope

2.-AERIAL TRAPEZE DUO Innovative duo routine on a dancing trapeze combined with a hammock that tells a romance between a couple that commits to deliver to each other in a very erotic manner.

Male & female duo, lovely act for dinners and galas shows

For true connoisseurs of circus arts and those who are always waiting for new and innovative approaches to the acrobatics and directing creation.

Adagio, Aerial duo tissu, straps , balance

Hello, This is Misako and Konstantin from Russia. We would like to offer you our Aerial Duo Straps, "Devil&Angel" act. We have experienced of gymnastics/rythmic gymnastics for our background. And we have...

We hope that you will not leave without attention our new act on the straps, he is very dynamic and full of fresh non-standard tricks !!! Another feature is the fact that many the ups we can perform flying directly over...