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Handstand and Contortion in Water. Human size glass of champagne.

Logos, pictures, effets of your choices.

We are able to play in small places, low ceiling (till 18 feet, stage 12 x 12 feet). No need of motor.

Solo on a freestanding pole. No wires. No overweight fees in the plane. Forthy-one year old Quebec native Dominic Lacasse began his current acrobatic career after seven years of gymnastics and 14 years of circus performance. Chosen to represent the flag of his own country in the official celebrations of 400 years of the city of Quebec, Dominic has developed and perfected the art of the human flag that he brought to a higher level and turned into an artistic discipline. Since then, known as “The Flag Man”, Dominic has been in growing...

Duo (couple) on a freestanding pole. No wires. No overweight fees in the plane. We are proud to present 2 amazing international performers. They are a couple in life and on the stage, they are the holder of 2 Guinness World Records, they received the Golden Buzzer at France’s Got Talent and they just win the silver medal in an international circus competition (France). You may have seen them on "The Ellen DeGeneres show", America's Got Talent or "Le plus grand cabaret du monde". Please welcome “The Human Flags”, Karen Goudreault and...