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Chinese Pole Duo from Brasil

Completely original choreography, mixed with fresh technique and the beauty of contortion.

I came home a couple overwhelmed with emotions and feelings.

Original Act from Angelika & Oleg . Handstand, equilibrium , pole , contortion . 

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Duo (couple) on a freestanding pole. No wires. No overweight fees in the plane. We are proud to present 2 amazing international performers. They are a couple in life and on the stage, they are the holder of 2...

Promotion video of hand to hand duo.

chinese pole acrobatic act

Comic hand to hand. In order to solve a seemingly simple problem, two old men interact unusual and irreverent way, is when stuffed stunt confusion happen.

The Ukrainian's  brothers it’s artistic Duo, performing amazing and unique Hand to Hand acrobatic show, based on trust, strength and concentration. During the show trying to impress the audience at times almost...

1. ADAGIO The act begins with a strong female character alluring her male partner onto the stage while he puts on a gas mask that will keep them attached until the end of the act. The routine has the perfect combination...