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Comic acrobats on table Graduates circus collede in Kiev 2006.Experience is eight years 2006-Theater-variete Bad Nauheim, Germany 2007-2008-St.Peterburg State circus,Russian 2009-Theater-variete,Gosfeld,Germany 2010-Antalya,Turkey 2011-Circus Maximum,Sweden 2011-2012-Crystmas,Kerst circus AHOY,Rotterdam,Netherland 2012-Circus Merano,Norway Season 2012-2013 Kerst circus Den Haag,Netherland. 2014-2015 Theater-Variety Sarrasani,Dresden,Germany Participants of the festivals Youth circus festival in Wiesbaden 2012,Massy circus festival 2013 in Paris and International Circus Festival in Budapest,Hungary 2014. 2015-Capital circus in Budapest,Hungary 2015-2016 One world circus,Koln,Germany